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Side Wall Exhaust Fans

Fanquip Side Wall Exhaust Fans

Fanquip Side Wall Exhaust Fans are available in a wide range of sizes from 600mm to 1400mm in diameter and can achieve air volumes up to a massive 18,880 litres per second. All units have spring tensioned belt drive operation with inlet and outlet guards suitable for cross flow applications.

These units are especially suited for use in agriculture and are galvanised to ensure that they remain completely weatherproof and operational whatever the external conditions.

Fanquip Side Wall Exhaust Fans


  • Cross flow applications
  • Weatherproof louvres
  • Belt drive - spring tensioned
  • Galvanised - weatherproof
  • Inlet/outlet guards
  • Ideal for use in agriculture
  • Fan Speed - 360 rpm to 500 rpm
  • Motor Power - 0.37kW to 3kW
  • Air Volume - 3,200L/s to 18,880L/s
  • Sizes: 600-1,400mm diameter