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80 Poultry Shed Utility Air Circulators

Fanquip has successfully fabricated and despatched 80 Utility Air Circulators (Model Number: 17-81161) last week for use in poultry sheds. These units are extremely versatile and in addition to poultry sheds, they are also commonly used in greenhouses, dairies and pig farms. Reliability, quality and service all played a pivotal role in securing the order, as well as Fanquip’s manufacturing capabilities. Utilising our experience and technical know-how, we were able to provide an end product that exceeded the customer’s expectations.

About the product: The 17-81161 Utility Air Circulator provides maximum air movement, comfortable conditions and a cooler, fresher environment. Power consumption and associated installation costs are kept to a minimum, due to the turnkey design, which incorporates handles to enable the air circulator to be suspended using chains or cables. The unit can also be modified with a range of options such as three phase power, two speed units to further control the air flow or a 1 amp motor for lower power consumption.

17-81161 Specifications:

Diameter: 800mm

RPM: 960rpm

Free air Volume (l/s): 5,115

Shell: Galvanised

Guards: Inlet and Outlet

IP Rating: IP56