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Fanquip is growing. Apply today for a company & benefits you'll love.

If you’re looking for a career change, look no further.  Fanquip and our sister company, Minetek are expanding and we have new roles available in almost all areas of the company.

Why work with us?

Fanquip and Minetek are Australian made and owned companies. Born out of a great idea and hard work, these two companies pride themselves on reflecting everything great about Australian engineering, manufacturing and customer service.  Our team ethic sets you up in a workplace with a great culture with a quality product that’s easy to sell, and competitive benefits.

I love working with the Fanquip team because my days are so varied.
The team is a truly family focused group & we all contribute our thoughts & ideas freely without fear of criticism.

The investment in our development on a personal & professional level is also very rewarding. I also enjoy being able to provide my customers with solutions to really address their concerns & developing the relationships that turn into repeat customers.

I have now been with Fanquip for 2 ½ years & I have see the development in the business & the growth of the team that has been able to reach the goals that have been set.” – R. Seychell, Sales.

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