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End-to-end solutions

We understand that needs can differ from industry to industry and client to client. That’s why we treat every request individually and purposefully to ensure you are provided with the right solution.

Customers often reach out to us with an existing cooling or ventilation solution that’s not meeting their goals. Fanquip look at your problem wholistically and can offer solutions to improve air circulation, increase air flow and expel hot contaminated air using a number of techniques.

Fanquip organises everything required. From consultation, ventilation equipment, streamlined ducting, brackets, custom fitments, freight, crane hire, installation and more.


Our knowledgeable sales and technical professionals are experts in wholistic ventilation solutions.

First, Fanquip will organise a discovery meeting to understand your system requirements, facilities footprint, any existing solutions already in place, and any additional concerns you may have.

We’ll walk your site with you and review the existing systems capability and structure.

We make notes, ask questions, and help you think through your process, offering ideas and choices to consider.

Fanquip will work with you to offer the best solution available to you, based on your needs and budget.

Servicing and repairs

At Fanquip, we offer a full repairs and overhaul service of fans, impellers, motors and associated products. With a large workshop facility, overhead crane, highly skilled technicians and the largest fan testing chamber in Australia, it allows us to provide high quality and efficient servicing to get your equipment back on site to limit downtime and ensure long ongoing service life.

Our services include

  • Fan casing repairs
  • Impeller repairs or replacements
  • Motor repairs or replacements
  • Blasting, painting and powder coating
  • Crack testing
  • Impeller static and dynamic balancing
  • Airflow testing

Custom products

Following discussions, we turn to our design engineers who craft a custom solution for you, based on your short-term and long-term objectives. We’ll select products for your system based on your budget and goals that will seamlessly integrate together to achieve the performance levels required.

Your design will include detailed drawings, recommended products, and how they will be networked together. We believe that the best solutions are custom designed solutions based on your individual requirements.

After designing your system, we will review pricing, capabilities, return on your investment (ROI), and any changes needed. We will make requested adjustments, giving you a final design for your approval.

We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt or design new products or solutions for our clients.

If you need a product that’s not available online, speak to our team today for a custom quote.