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Air Curtains

Heavy industrial unit providing a high speed curtain of air in front of doorways and entrances, to block…

Backward Inclined Centrifugal Fan

For the ultimate in clean air handling solutions with low noise, Fanquip Backward Inclined Centrifugal Fans are the…

Belt Drive Axial Flow Fans

For all those demanding applications requiring extraction of heat, steam, toxic gases and dust.

Curb Base Hooded Roof Fans

Heavy duty industrial unit made in Australia to suit our harsh environment.

Direct Drive Axial Fans

Australian made and hot dipped galvanised, Fanquip Direct Drive Axial Flow Fans feature a heavy industrial rolled casing…

Dust Collectors

Fanquip Dust Collectors save energy and increase production efficiency whilst controlling indoor air quality. All units are the…

Filter Fans

Providing reliable rates of fresh filtered air to rooms with sensitive equipment, reducing maintenance and shut down times.…

Fume Extractors

Easy to move welding fume extractor, with a 3mtr x 150mm flexible arm to enhance personnel health and…

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