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Discover the complete Fanquip product range via our catalogue, with industrial cooling, heating, filtration, and ventilation solutions across a wide range of industries.

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Discover Fanquip’s winter ventilation solutions to keep uninterrupted industrial operations, ensuring air quality, temperature control, and energy efficiency. 

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This guide offers solutions for major air and ventilation challenges across industries, featuring essential products and case studies for easy reference.

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Discover Fanquip’s cooling range to keep productivity and comfort in industrial and commercial working spaces.

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Discover Fanquip’s ventilation solutions for food and meat processing facilities.

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Fanquip provides an extensive selection of datasheets covering our entire product range. These datasheets serve as comprehensive resources, offering detailed technical specifications and information about our various ventilation solutions.

For any technical information you can’t find in our product datasheets or for additional data, reach out to us at [email protected]. We’re here to assist you.

Cooling Fans

Installation Manuals

Download the Giant Fans installation manual for safe and easy setup. 

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Download the Louvers installation manual for safe and easy setup. 

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Industrial Ventilation

Refer to our industrial brochures for insights into common ventilation issues and solutions provided by Fanquip. Stay updated with our regularly refreshed content.

Industrial ventilation

Our Industry Capabilities

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Case Studies

Enhancing air circulation in a renovated workshop facility.

Industry: Food Processing.

Business goal: To enhance air circulation and provide a more comfortable environment for staff without encroaching on production space and fitting workshop’s dimensions.

Enhancing roof ventilation at the Train Maintenance Centre.

Industry: Transportation.

Business goal: To replace old, noisy fans with new, weatherproof, low-noise models, to remove heat, dust and odours at the Train Maintenance Centre.

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