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The West Gate Tunnel Project – spoil shed ventilation

Spoil Shed West Gate Tunnel Project

The West Gate Tunnel Project is a proposed freeway tunnel in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The goal of this project is to relieve traffic congestion on the West Gate Bridge, create new links to the Port of Melbourne and support the travel needs of growing regional populations. Design & construction of the West Gate Freeway involves widening the freeway from 8 to 12 lanes between the M80 Ring Road and Williamstown Road, as well as 2.8km eastbound tunnel and 4km westbound tunnel.  

West Gate Tunnel Project – John Holland

Contractor’s CPB and John Holland were responsible for the construction of Spoil Sheds as part of the West Gate Tunnel Project. This facility offers a solution for the safe sorting and unloading of spoil material such as soil, rock and other materials that is brought up during the West Gate Tunnel construction.

Spoil shed ventilation

Fanquip installed 18 x motorised 1200mm Vertical Discharge Fans These were supplied complete with Direct On Line (DOL) fan control cabinets. 

Install fans west gate tunnel project

Fanquip Vertical Discharge Fans

Our Australian-made Vertical Discharge Ventilation Fans are heavy-duty and constructed with hot-dipped galvanised steel ultimate longevity. Designed for vertical applications, our Discharge Roof Fans help to control humidity, heat, fumes etc by removing stifling air and airborne contaminants. Built to withstand all environment conditions and fitted with weatherproof butterfly dampers.

Fanquip vertical discharge ventilation fans

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