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Enhancing Air Circulation in a Renovated Workshop Facility.

About the Business.

A leading food processing company in Australia, specialising in high-quality beef, lamb, and pork products, operates several processing facilities nationwide. Known for their commitment to food safety, sustainability, and excellence, they significantly contribute to the meat industry. Fanquip has been a trusted partner, providing innovative solutions like Air Curtains for temperature consistency and Air Circulators to improve air movement within their facilities. 

Business Challenge & Considerations.

As part of the roof renovation project for their workshop, a key goal emerged: to boost air circulation, thereby reducing heat and ensuring a comfortable workspace for the team. The task was to find an approach that would not disrupt the crucial production space. This prompted the choice to install ceiling fans.

Fanquip Solution. 

Fanquip addressed the ventilation needs of the workshop using three Fanquip Giant Fans. These high-volume, low-speed fans provide an efficient, quiet solution for industrial spaces, addressing cooling, heat distribution, moisture reduction, odour elimination, and energy conservation by complementing existing HVAC systems. 

Want to know more details?  

Please refer to this case study featuring pictures and product details used to complete this project. For additional product information, including sizes, dimensions, motors, and more, view our Giant Fans product datasheet.

Are You Facing a Similar Challenge?

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