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Stern’s Pools: Extracting fumes and fiberglass particles.

About Stern’s Pools. 

Stern’s Pools, an Australian-based company, specialises in durable above-ground and semi-inground pools, providing a variety of designs and sizes. Their products are known for quality construction and innovative features, catering to residential and commercial customers alike. With a commitment to exceed customer expectations, Stern’s Pools offers reliable products backed by excellent service and support. 

Business challenge & considerations. 

Stern’s Pools is known for manufacturing above-ground pools, but for one of their projects, they found themselves venturing into constructing inground fiberglass pools. In pool manufacturing, especially with fiberglass pools, there are typically two main processes involving the emission of fumes, which can pose health risks if not managed properly: applying paint coatings and working with fiberglass materials. When it comes to coating, the type of paint and its chemical composition can influence the nature and amount of fumes released during this phase. Additionally, fiberglass pool manufacturing involves working with hazardous materials like resins, gelcoats, and fiberglass, emitting fumes during application and processing. Fanquip was tasked with effectively removing fumes from gelcoat, resin, and fiberglass, demanding meticulous handling. 

Fanquip solution. 

Following a detailed review of Stern’s Pools requirements during a site visit, Fanquip formulated its key objectives: 

  • Eliminating the fiberglass fumes and particles produced during manufacturing processes to ensure a safe and healthful workplace for all employees. 
  • Designing a compact system that wouldn’t interfere with their operational space. 
  • Implementing a modular filter wall capable of being dismantled and reassembled, should a move to a larger facility become necessary. 

To meet these objectives, Fanquip opted for a filter wall system, adaptable in size and height to accommodate any facility’s specifications. The chosen solution was the installation of 2 x 10-meter Spray Booth Filter Plenums, each outfitted with 2 x Direct Drive Axial Fans. This configuration not only met but surpassed the industry standards, reinforcing a secure and health-conscious work environment. The Australian-made filter system effectively eliminated fiberglass debris and paint fumes, significantly reducing odours across the premises.  

Curious to see the facility and our solution in action? Check out the documented video case study below: 

YouTube video

Have you encountered the same challenge?

In manufacturing, processes such as painting and coating often involve the evaporation of various chemicals and toxic fumes. This underscores the importance of reliable ventilation systems to maintain a healthy and safe workplace environment while meeting industry standards. Fanquip places a high priority on providing clean air and effective ventilation solutions, empowering businesses to safeguard their employees, products, and long-term prospects. 

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