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Food Processing & Production

Ventilation in the food processing industry can help solve many issues, including changes in air pressure when transferring goods in and out, removal of heat, steam and odours from cooking or processing, or air motion to prevent the build-up of condensation. Ventilation can also provide clean, germ-free air that benefits the workers and limits contamination of food by microorganisms. Speak to Fanquip, the ventilation specialists, for an assessment of your air quality.

For the ultimate in clean air handling solutions with low noise, the Fanquip Backward Inclined Centrifugal Fan is the perfect solution. All centrifugal blowers /
Australian made. Heavy duty inline axial fan designed to remove and dispense contaminated air from industrial processes which generate heat, steam, dust or other noxious
Heavy industrial unit providing a high speed curtain of air in front of doorways and entrances, to block out dust, odours and insect entry. This

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For over 39 years, Fanquip has been providing quality industrial vent fans, warehouse fans, exhaust fans, heaters, and other types of ventilation solutions for our partners.

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